KOSKI a mixed reality building block game

KOSKI is a board game that connects the physical and digital gaming worlds together in a new, unusual and playful way. It is a combination of real toy blocks and a virtual app that evokes digital interactive game play. The Player uses an iPad as a “magical mirror” which looks onto wooden blocks. By using an augmented reality and object recognition, as the player interacts and builds with the blocks, the game soon begins to reveal it's hidden worlds, characters and stories. It unlocks new and imaginative ways to play.

video shot by Kristof Melka


The app is using a device’s camera in combination with object recognition software to analyse what is built in the foreground and dynamically reacts to the players actions during game play. This allows the virtual characters to be led by the player through mazes, completing quests, solving problems and building their own environment.

 photo by  Krystof Melka

photo by Krystof Melka


The building blocks are simple wooden bricks with magnetic joints which allows you to build unique and complex structures, with no need to worry about their polarity. Thanks to special magnets, they always stick together enabling the player to build without creative limitations.

 photos by  Nikola Zelmanovic


An important aspect of the game is that the player is physically altering the projected world on screen by manipulating the blocks in real time. Players interact with the game by placing different tokens on top of the bricks, which represent different objects, features and behaviours with no need to touch the tablet's itself.


Wooden box is used during the play as an elevation for magnetic game board, which make building structures easier and more stable. When the game is finished all the blocks and tablet stand are placed on the playing board. By simply flipping board it become a lit for the box and the whole game can be nicely stored.

Koski is like Lego with augmented reality, but more fun than that sounds.
— Micah Singleton, The Verge
I love the basic simplicity of encouraging our kids to play with wooden blocks.
— Isobel McKenzie, The Nonagon.style

by deFORM

KOSKI is studio deFORM project, which started as a Vaclav's final work at Royal College of Art in London where Vaclav Mlynar and Jakub Pollag studied their master degrees in product design. Studio deFORM was founded in 2011 in Prague, where it was based until 2014 when it was moved to London. Studio's work is focused on product and interaction design, interior and exhibition architecture and creative advertisement. deFORM clients includes big brands such as NIKE, HEINEKEN, ELECTROLUX, TON or BOTAS 66 and their products can be find under brands names like HEM, LASVIT, BOMMA, KRUST or others.